I feel you

I keep moving just in time for you to miss me. I finally arrive just to find you’ve left. But I can feel your energy and my presence has been acknowledged even after you’re gone.

Because you’re grand, I have to make space for your presence here in my head. Some will have to leave for you to fit in.

Many have unexpectedly walked out. I like to think it’s because my soul told them to do so. My body will miss parts of them but I must trust that which I can feel but cannot always touch.

You’ve taken longer than usual getting here, you never have been punctual; one of the many things I love to hate about you. I’ve strayed from the path whenever something shiny distracts me. Our bodies are aging but our souls are growing.

I can feel the joy only life can provide.

I do not need anyone to survive. I stand alone in the jungle but am no longer afraid. All I need, I have. Never to forget the creatures and the one beautiful angel sent from the clouds to guide me thorough.

I can feel you and you become me. I vibrate light and you smile because you can feel it, me.

I will remove myself from any obstacle that won’t let me see far enough to feel you. I will arrive to you and I will make your walking in as clear as the water I so much enjoy from the river; constantly moving. You will become the easiest decision I have ever made.

I will heal myself from the wars I’ve fought just in time for you to meet me halfway. What I’ve walked alone is as important as anything I could walk with you. Time ceases to exist when you focus on abundance, love and peace.

I can tap into you and the feeling is as beautiful as anything my vision could possibly grasp.


Magical duo

This is a tribute to him and her. The ones that keep fighting The Civil Wars that seem timeless but sadly will come to an end. They have put a spell on me with their melodic voices. The tension between their souls is almost as palpable as their chemistry. Why do we fight? How can we let go of something magical just because we can’t coexist? Must we let go of the love of our lives just because it’s complicated? I do not know what is happening in between their lives but I am a witness to their bittersweet musical interpretation.

They’re on the tip of my tongue and I feel no one can replace their braided souls. Yes, it makes sense that it would be complex for them to be able to compose such beauty in paper.

They decided to name themselves in honor of the wars we fight constantly. What I didn’t expect was for the war to become bigger than the magic. If I’m ever as lucky as to find that piece of the puzzle, I won’t be able to let go of it; it simply fits too perfectly. The Civil Wars were built on the tension and the passion. They could draw from the source of all the opposites we feel when in love and out of love. Falling for them was as inevitable as a dreamer following a dream. The flowers bloom and so does the girl with the red balloon.

The secret little stories uttered into the wind in the form of notes have had an impact on my life. They might love and hate each other but all I feel for them is admiration and gratitude for the inspiration they have brought out in me. The little black dress and the bow tie complement each other so well that it probably clouded their vision of what mattered most. I do not know them but know of what they have done and that’s enough to crave them long time.

Maybe from where they’re standing there’s only poison and not enough wine. From where they are, they have caught amnesia and have forgotten how much they can’t do without each other. But so long as the magic keeps flowing through, I’ll keep listening and hoping. The volcano has erupted but what has come of it is an endless supply of unforgettable whispers sung deep into my veins.

This is a tribute not just to the artists but also to the source that they were able to so clearly tap. Whatever happens; beauty, chaos and art happened because of something bigger than the people themselves. So long as the instruments of inspiration keep flowing through, this world will make sense; it always will.