It’s coming. Like the largest wave waiting to run you over, it’s coming. You can’t stop what’s coming, can’t stop what is on its way. The bells are ringing and it’s time.

The Bell Collector doesn’t know any better but to call on those who are up. He comes ringing the bells and as much as you try to run, you can hear it from a distance. He’s 15 days away. This time it’s a round number and it’s one that they’ve taught us to fear. The Bell Collector always shows up in the middle of the street. He knows where I am and he expects me to meet him halfway. Maybe that’s why I’m always expected to meet life in the middle. Maybe that’s why, once I’ve done my part, I expect others to do the same.

I can hear the bells and they are ringing 30 times. Once I meet him, he’ll ring them 15 times and then hand me the bells for me to ring them 15 times. It’s 30 and there’s much to think about. He doesn’t ring the bells only because he can but to remind me of who I am and what I’ve done. He’s given me 30 chances to live and wants to know what I have to show for it. After the assessment, he’ll decide how much longer my heart will beat. He knows but he won’t tell me. He simply rings his bells and carries on calmly. I wish his face had more of an expression but it doesn’t, it’s not supposed to. When people ask him how much longer they’ll live, he pulls out a mirror and shows them a reflection of themselves. What does this mean? Well, I guess he wants us to know we hold the keys and all we can do is our best and hope it’ll be just enough.

It’s 15 days away and I can hear the bells for her, for me. She’s currently wearing yellow and purple and is going to dye her hair jet black. She’s never been fond of lukewarm. It’s either ice cold or scorching hot.

The bells might have a somewhat scary sound but the fact that we can hear them is a sign that we’re alive. The fact that they’re coming means we still have time. Time for what I wonder? Time for whatever we want this moment to be. Time to wake up and care only about the matters of the heart and soul.

Eventually the bells will stop ringing and hopefully then we’ll have done everything the Bell Collector expected us to do. He’ll finally smile knowing that he rang the bells not only many times but with all the power he held. And then we’ll know that the golden bells were always ringing just for us to remember.