Happy endings 

The story starts, continues and doesn’t end. Will it be a comedy or a tragedy? Stay tuned.

She doesn’t seem to care enough about her happy ending but more and more about the present moment. 

Will she be the hero of her story? Will she stay? Will she go? She makes it up as she goes along. She’s gone too long not knowing that she doesn’t know any other way. 

Yes, she had dreams and wants to make them come true but suffering seems a high price to pay.

Peace and joy should be the happy ending. When did we get confused? Disney had a big part of it. You’re suppose to live in a castle: luxury. Find Prince Charming: the perfect relationship. Be the fairest one of them all: flawless beauty. And be loved by the whole land: be what everyone else expects you to be. 

I think the story needs some mending and a better happy ending. It’s hard to not want what we were programmed to want. And there are things I don’t have that I desire which I hope to get. But I want to learn to be OK even when things aren’t OK. Mother has done this, so can I. 

Create your happy ending and ask yourself whether what you want is true or if it’s just been chosen for you. Question it.

For me, now, peace and joy in the present moment is my happy ending and I hope I continue to make it so on a daily basis.


Beauty and the beast

She was lovely but secretly broken. He seemed lovely but was secretly a beast. 

We go around living and these brains of ours make choices for us. Choices based on our past and how it was all dealt with back then. What are we supposed to do with that? I guess we should tame the beast inside us as much as we can. 

His beast is easy to recognize; hers is a bit more hidden  because I she a flower growing up that taught her to take care of that inner wilderness. A flower that’d tell her how pretty she was even though others would say otherwise. The flower believed she’d bloom into something mesmerizing, something beautiful. 

He never had a flower. The beast was raised by wolves and didn’t know how to go about it. 

They grow up and meet. They both have beasts that fight. Their character coexists and now and then you can smell the flower’s scent trying to spread joy. There is passion and there is much love to be had.

Will the beasts be tamed or will they run wild? That is what everyone wants to know what there’s a beauty and a beast.


She made a horrible mistake. She doesn’t know how she got here and she’s lost. She lost her home and her head. Not sure why, but she did. She was lost and because of it, she hurt herself. Pain was caused because she thought she knew better than this.

He never made a mistake. He doesn’t know why but he never took a chance on life. He had a home and never left the nest. He wasn’t sure why but he never did it, the living thing.

She bled and had red in her hands.

His hands were perfectly clean, so he decided to make her bleed instead. He had too much pain hidden within so he didn’t know what else to do but make her bleed too. She thought she let him in because he understood. But it turns out he only made her bleed more. He didn’t do it on purpose, but he did do it.

Because he had a paralyzing fear to live, he gave her a brand new scar. Because his pain was unbearable, he projected himself unto her.

They thought they were the same, but they were not. She was light, he was darkness; she was life, he was death. They played happily together for a while until their opposite sides called them back. It was time to go home for supper.

It was time for her to step into the light fully. It was time for him to hide in his cave where he felt safe. Little did he know; his demons were hiding in the darkness. What will happen to him? She would never know.

They make us suffer, the hurters. They feel entitled to hurt others because they’ve been so badly hurt. They make those who are the closest, bleed. They might never change but distance between what’s right and wrong should become obvious.

Don’t play with her blood, don’t mess with her head. You might love her but if you can’t love her right, let her heart remain pure all on its own. You might need somewhere to project your heartbreaking story, but her heart is not the place.

I will let you go because your part in my story is over. And I hope you find a way to stop internally bleeding and start projecting a happier story. One with a bit more light in it.