Three years apart. He always knew what he wanted to be, she still doesn’t know. He gives away only what can be returned, she doesn’t even know what she has to offer. He decided to take the safer side of life and nobody told her flying wasn’t an option. They shared each other’s parents but decided to take different things into account. They shared grandparents and decided to admire different qualities from them both. She cherishes relationships as though the end of the world was around the corner…he has all his relationships stored in a box with other things he keeps but doesn’t use. She cannot seem to understand him but tries desperately to accept him. He doesn’t try to understand or accept that which he cannot touch or prove.

She cries when feelings get hurt, he saves his tears until pushed to the limit. Her books on the shelf are filled with dreams, rainbows, unicorns and messy lyrics. His bookshelf is full of math, teeth and equally squared equations. She believes in fairies, he believes that the concept of fairies shouldn’t even exist, it is a waste of time. She fights with a passion for equality even if it’s a constant battle. He can only see through his glasses and won’t share anyone else’s perspective. She loves wearing other people’s glasses. So far she’s worn purple, green, yellow and blue looking glasses. He only wears neatly cleaned see-through glasses and will never share, never.

She can be dramatic and messy. He’s organized and doesn’t waste time on what will take him nowhere. She is the queen of mistakes, he is the king of success in his field. She hasn’t even found a field where she can run freely…while he’s winning the shiny trophy. He has the opportunity to help her but will only do it if she has gold to offer. Unfortunately, she’s never liked gold and only has silver, he doesn’t like silver. Why take silver when you can have gold? he wonders.

She cannot seem to give up on her fairies. He cannot seem to stop criticizing those that believe in fairies. He wishes more people would just compete for the golden trophy and stop wasting time. She wastes time and writes poems and sings songs about it. Whilst he’s winning the game. And the referee loves them both, deeply.

He would kill a fairy if it’s in the way of him getting that trophy. She sits patiently by the colorful tree hoping the fairies will come and light the way home. He plays, she lives.