Br Ba

He was the greatest guy. He lived a normal life. He was born in the south and loved formulas. Never could he imagine what he was in for. He might have become bad but at least he became interesting.

His partner is also bad but not nearly as intelligent. He makes mistakes over and over and never seems to learn. He lives in the underworld and hangs out with Persephone on a regular basis. The devil doesn’t even chase him anymore because he knows what an easy target he is.

Our hero likes to play the villain. Our villain is the hero. He saves his partner because he cannot seem to let go of his father figure complex. He is convinced he does it all because he’s a family man. Is he? I’m not so sure.

Once you’re in, you can’t get out. Once you’re bad, were you ever really that good?

Vince is my hero. He created fascinating story lines. He created someone who could be anyone but hopefully isn’t. He puts all his people in absurd situations and makes them seem real. Who does that? A genius. His writers follow creativity and catch it in the utmost poetic way. The design keeps it simple in its green complexity. The cinematography makes murder seem like a picture perfect family portrait.

No wonder everybody talks about it. No wonder no one can’t deny its genius; it’s timeless and unforgettable. It’s bloody and beautiful. Its pieces fit together as perfectly as the chemistry formulas themselves. I’d say the crystal is 99 percent perfect, maybe even a bit more.

It’s bad in all the right ways; it’s one for history.