I woke up and decided that today I’ll skydive. I get there and there are some skydiver friends. I decide to be brave and just do it. The guys are really nice and supportive. I do some cool stuff up in the air and everyone, including myself, is impressed.

The next day I’m at Burning Man and I’m super fit and have the perfect weird clothes I’m suppose to parade around. Fashion is life. I walk around and I’m friends with all. There is peace and joy in my heart. 

The next day I decide I want to sing. I gather a group of people and I sing. A local radio station owner hears me and asks if I’d like to be on one of his shows; I gladly accept. 

I’m a painter and I start to put my work out there. My paintings get sold fairly easily and I am over the moon and cannot believe this is happening to me!

In my free time I enjoy taking photos. I go out with my semi professional camera and take mesmerizing pictures. Some of them make it into cool websites and people really love them; I do too. 

The next day I decide it’s time. I’m going to publish my book and it’s gonna help so many people that the word gets out and Ellen Degeneres finds out about it and invites me to her show. I’m psyched but mostly extremely happy to be making a difference through my art. 

I daydream these stories daily. I wish and I hope and reality still does not compare. I do paint, I do have a book, I do take photos with my semi professional camera and I do sing. But why can’t I put myself out there? I don’t know. 

Daydreams keep me alive and I long for the day when my daydreams and real life become one. I swear my heart is in the right place and I will continue to improve my energy so that I attract opportunities to shine and do what I was put here to do: art.


The dresser

I see dresses everywhere. I dream of dresses; they bloom with flowers from within; they fold themselves into unique shapes that I cannot understand but love. The hands, which create them, have a talent of their own. They have bled to create what covers the silhouettes. They have kept going even when the design took a unique direction.

We feel precious when wearing what was created by the couture. We can touch the details in the fabric and feel like a gift. The black never gets old and wraps me up in the darkness that lets me know I couldn’t have done anything wrong.

In a culture that has to officially like something in order to create its worth, appreciating the beauty without having to say how beautiful it is or officially click on its likings, I wanted to create an ode to the clothes and the beauty from within that can shine through because of it.

You are it. You are as good as it gets. The imperfections became a part of the creation that is you. The creation was never meant to be whole unless many mistakes and tries happened first. I’m bitten at the moment but I know it’ll only make me appreciate healed skin that much more. Yes, the scars will remind me of what was, but the consequence will make me smile.

My eyes are sore from being able to appreciate all that is beautiful in spite of the ugliness trying to interrupt bright-like moments. I can only focus in the happenings that make my eyes shine. I take pictures in my mind of what has been created and the possibility of what will be. You can be created into whatever dress you want to be. It doesn’t even have to be boxed into a dress, it can be anything; it can be something that does not yet exist. You get to choose the fabric, the color and the way it’s perceived. And sometimes it might not be as ideal as you thought it would come out, but it’ll be yours and no one can take that from you. The venture, the risk and the willingness to step outside the box to create a shelter for yourself will have been more than enough.

It’s ridiculous because we cannot see it at first. But once you get those looking glasses on and can appreciate all the gorgeousness, it’s official. You have a responsibility to not just appreciate the beauty but also create more of it. We need the circle of true beauty to continue so that those that come after know that they will never be alone and are free to create and be anything they were born to be.