You’ll be loved. Someday, you’ll be loved. Her mom assured her that she was worthy of love. The little girl believed her at first. Then someone broke her heart a little and she still believed.

12 years passed and she still hadn’t been loved. When? She wondered.

She learned the hard way to suppress the pain. Will it ever come? Will it ever happen? Who else has had to wait this long? No one she knew.

History has been painful but it helped her cope. If humans can endure so much, why can’t I endure the lack of love?

She saw a monster do horrible things and rip people’s hearts out and still…she wants to keep hers so that she can someday have stupid, crazy love. Even if it means suffering. Crazy, right?

She doesn’t get the urge to try as much anymore but her mother assured her that it’ll come back. When? No one knows. Time is strange sometimes. We cannot seem to wait. And sometimes the longer we wait, the harder it gets.

You’ll be loved. Someday you’ll be loved. When?


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