Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing to say. And yet, we force ourselves to fill the spaces of silence with anything. I want to be free from myself. I am excited to start the day, to eat healthy and work out. Simplicity is underrated. The moment you let go of everything and just lose yourself in the night is the moment everything starts to work out. Sometimes all we need is nothing. Less action; trusting without doing. Living without losing. It’s very powerful. Try it.

Sometimes doing nothing is harder than doing something. Not thinking when your mind is trying to drive you crazy is a breakthrough.

Some days I wake up and I don’t want to be me. Some days I wonder what could have been. I know it’s wrong just by the way it feels. I know dread isn’t the way to feeling fulfilled. Mother says I’m doing great, why then can’t I see it?

By doing nothing, something comes up. By thinking nothing, some positive note might presents itself. Let go and let flow. Do your best and then do nothing. I don’t know when we decided to control everything. I don’t know when it became so overwhelming.

Sometimes there’s nothing and that’s fine. Sometimes we should simple let go of what was never meant to be controlled.


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