Second opinion

Amy has pink hair because she always wanted to have a unique hair color. She never truly found her place in the world or maybe she did but no one ever told her. She was certainly an introverted extrovert and was born in a tiny country where she didn’t really belong. She didn’t even feel like her language was her own. She had big dreams and once she started living, she realized life wasn’t always what it seemed. She’s been outspoken; she’s followed her heart the best way she knew how but feels lost often. She’s given up but started over again and again.

Blake has black hair. He was born with it and wouldn’t have it any other way, there was no other color he could truly see, he was colorblind. He wanted to be a doctor and became one as soon as humanly possible. He found his place in this world because his place had been reserved in advance. He’s respectful and patient. He made reasonable decisions and has much to show for it.

I can see through both their eyes and they’re both powerful beyond belief. I understand Amy better but Blake is also understood.

He doesn’t care what she thinks of him. She cares a little bit what he thinks of her. She goes over it in her head, how it could have been. What if she would have found a better place sooner? What if she wouldn’t have spoken her mind as much as she did?

He has no regrets.

He is a world. She is a world. We can be opposites or similar and be fine with it. We can make mistakes or none at all and be happy. It does not matter where you’re from or what you believe in. There’s always a second opinion and another person that will have more or less than you do.

Amy and Blake grew up together and grew up to be quite different. It’s important to stay true to your individuality, no matter what that happens to be. If you fit the mold, there won’t be many second opinions. If you don’t, there will be many. Just know that he isn’t you and she isn’t you. You are you and you’ll slowly discover that it’s the only person that should matter. And until you accept yourself fully; then, and only then, can you let anyone else in.


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