Searching for trees

I was sitting next to a tree. It wasn’t the right one. It was withering, it was sick. Not being able to give it the right ray of sunlight, I left.

It was still pretty, it was still a tree. It gave me a shade, it kept me company, it kept me going. I decided to leave it and into the sun again I went, looking for a tree with a melody within its branches.

Tricky, searching for trees. Most of them are taken, most of them are gone. Some souls are selfish and keep a tree for themselves even if it isn’t meant to be. I can’t. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved trees, the right way I like to think. I appreciate their leaves, their strength, their height. They help us breathe, they flourish. Why would we ever keep one that was never ours to begin with?

I want one as unique as the visions in my head. I want it to change colors and be able to survive with or without me. I want it to never stop growing or changing. I want it to have a life of its own.

Today I found a tree. It’s pretty and sings lullabies into my ear; I guess it knows I’m fond of songs.

Is it real or imaginary? It doesn’t matter. I can see it, I can feel it. There’s nothing more than that.

It flows with the wind and I found it at the utmost perfect time. Timing as usual is a big part of this puzzle I still can’t completely figure out. It’s as important as the story that unfolds.

I’m sitting with pretty and I feel grateful, I feel alive. It feeds my soul and I had forgotten how no matter how high or what color…if it has a song to sing, I smile. I was starting to feel lonely and now pretty in pink is here. I can’t wait to play and bloom.

Trees are rare but everywhere. Make sure you find yours. If it’s right, the absence of fear comes along with it and a chance of actual joy is a true possibility.


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