If you could be a dreamer…

What would you dream about? What would you really be? Because this world we live in has so many expectations of what we should be, we forget to even know what we’d want to be if we could be anything.

I thought it’d be easy for me to know and then it wasn’t. I started thinking about money, success, recognition and all those things that don’t really matter and aren’t really me. Who have I become? I guess the ghosts of wrong paths followed have led me astray. But there is always a way back. It does not matter if we’re hurt, lost, older, tired. There’s no reason why we can’t go home and start again. If we don’t what else would we do?

I’m finding my way back. I no longer ask why. I simply carry on. Stopping my life to wonder about the whys is exactly what got me lost in the first place.

I want to know who I really am, why I’m here and simply accept and embrace it. I want to live the life I claim to believe in. I don’t know if that’s being too much of a dreamer, but so be it. It might not all make sense at the moment but who am I to say it won’t make absolute sense in the future? Who am I not to believe in beautiful and bright things?

I will be a writer and so I shall write. I will be a storyteller and so I shall create stories. I want to be a singer and so I shall sing. After trying so many wrong paths, the right one might just be around the corner, I can feel it getting closer. The quieter I get and the less noise surrounds me, the easier I can hear the fairies leading the way.

I might have been left here silent and alone but that’s only because I possess all the weapons and the loudest voice. It’s all here, inside. If the real world vanishes, what would I be? I’d be a dreamer, a writer, a singer, a creator, and a supporter. I don’t know how to be anything but just that.

So wish me luck. I’m no longer afraid and no longer willing to feed the monster of fear who’s never truly satisfied until it swallows me whole. All I can do is try.

Be sure you know what you’d be if you could be anything. And little by little try to make your reality as close as possible to your dreams. Just know. Because even if you’re still very far, you can at least escape to that place in your head; it can carry you through, it can save you, it can make you.


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