I woke up

We believe our dreams because of how they present themselves. Hypothetical situations we don’t question because we can see them happen. We aren’t as doubtful in our dreams because they’re right there. Sure, I can fly. I finally found love, why not? I was once in a hole with clouds, makes sense. Some are from a while ago, others are new; but dreams are timeless, we are timeless.

I had a dream about that guy that plays Neville in Harry Potter. Why him? I don’t know. I had even forgotten his existence. I am fond of dreams that are worth remembering or maybe that are odd enough to make you wonder. So, we were walking with a group of friends somewhere through England. Neville was a total geek. I thought my friend from San Francisco Kelsey liked him…so I asked her what the deal was. I asked and she responded: “Don’t you know how in love with you he is?” I had no idea what she was talking about. We went out to gather with the rest of the group and Neville held my hand. Confused, I didn’t accept it and we kept walking. He kept walking by my side though. He smiled. Then he tried once more to hold my hand and I accepted. It felt right. I remember laughing incessantly; he made me laugh…he made me happy. The others seemed a blur, but they were friends. For an instant he stood behind me and he touched my stomach in a loving way. I did not understand why but later on I realized he was right for me. But I still wasn’t sure if I’d commit to him. We both had to go somewhere. And so, after walking through what looked like a street with shops combined with an airport…we parted ways. He went into the men’s bathroom and I into the women’s. As soon as I walked into the bathroom, it hit me. Yes! I do want to be with him. He’s a geek, but I wanted him to be mine. The joy was unlike anything I’ve felt in “real” life. It made me happy, I lit up. Ready to tell him how I actually felt, I woke up.

Another dream I remember is lions chasing me. I wasn’t too scared but worried. Not only that they’d catch me but also that the lions wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t. As soon as the situation was about to sort itself out, I woke up.

I also dreamt that I was unwillingly pregnant, it was horrific. I didn’t even know how it had happened and the concept was baffling. How could it be? Who’s the father? I woke up.

We were moving somewhere else and I was petrified. Trees constantly appear in my dreams. The place we were moving to had tall trees but no friends. I woke up crying.

One of my favorite dreams was one that inspired me to write beautiful stories. There was adversity, the colors weren’t as bright but they felt whole. I don’t know if that was an actual dream, or a waking dream. I am, after all, a professional daydreamer. I found this calling early on in life and it’s beautiful but also energy and time consuming. The dreaming is interesting, it’s constant, it’s fascinating. And just when I’m about to know more, I wake up.


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