I have never been this sick. The pain numbs my thoughts, the infections is trying to take over my body. Everything moves slowly and my life is at a pause. I had other things to do but my body could not show up. There’s a lot at stake, but when you can’t, you can’t.

It has opened my eyes. I have never really known what it means to be ill. I have always been healthy and when you don’t know, you easily take it for granted.

Walking is a challenge, sleeping comes and goes. Eating isn’t always an option and drinking water has never felt so hard.

I have never felt this way. The weakness reminds me of the strength I use to have.

And it’s only a week and it’s only temporary. People are daily fighting for their lives. They’re enduring the pain without even knowing if they’ll make it through. That blows me away.

To those fighters out there, I feel you. To those survivors, I feel you. To those who endure the pain, I’m with you. It’s amazing what we can endure. It’s incredible what we’re capable of. To those of you who have helped, my endless gratitude.

And if it should teach us anything, is that life is precious, life is short and we must do what we love, surround ourselves by those who matter and be our own best friends. Try to help others and remember this too shall pass. One way or another, it will pass.


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