The beauty of light

I have always had the light on me but I just couldn’t seem to find that ray that I knew would be so special. How did I know that there could be a perfect ray of light? I knew because light is so beautiful that when I saw it I would simply know that with its virtues and faults it would simply be perfect for me and I would want that light to shine on me for as long as possible. Of course, you know how the sun can be. Sometimes it decides to show and sometimes it doesn’t…. never will it be our place to choose when it should or shouldn’t shine, simply enjoy the light when it spreads upon you. It’s exactly the same way with life. I wish I could tell you that this ray of light will always be as beautiful and bright as you see it now…but this isn’t so. The important thing to remember is that no matter how cloudy the sky might get, the sun is constant and it is always there; just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it’s not there or that it won’t come out again.

You may have other shiny spirits cross your path but you’ll know right away if this is it for you or not. How can you know if your light is shining strong enough for another to find your source? Easy, if you choose according to what is right and not what makes sense, then you’ll be on your way. The more you trust these creatures called instincts and intuitive energy, the more often you will see this beautiful light. I can actually say that I have come across this kind of beauty for a while now. Some I could tell right away and others it took me a while, but it was right on the spot. These souls have been a source of energy, enlightenment, joy, peace and inspiration. Some I know, some I admire, some I miss and some I enjoy. It doesn’t matter how it may happen but when it does you simply know that there is a power stronger than all of us and you just want to be an instrument to communicate this source of endless power.

I met a restless soul a few days ago and we crossed paths briefly yesterday and today. Oddly enough it finally showed itself in the form of a man; it has been a rare occurrence because it usually has appeared as potential clients, friends and family, but never like this. This has brought a newfound faith because some days I was holding on to nothing as much as I could. I didn’t know why but I just kept my head up and refused to let the past cripple on my shoulder and stop me from trusting. Now I know that this hope came through and that there are interested parties out there. Is anything going to happen? That’s something that I can’t say and doesn’t matter whatsoever. You may think I’m crazy, but that’s a good thing. Insanity keeps you sane sometimes and oddly enough I can say that the direction this follows is irrelevant because all I needed to know was that it’s there and whatever needs to happen will. Of course if I am going to be human for a second I would have to say that all I want to do is talk for hours, share books, music, art, love; kiss passionately, stop time, enjoy each other in every single way and never hold on too hard that it will ruin it all. The only thing constant in life is change and I know that we both understand this and it simply takes it to another level of perfection. How did I get here? I wonder…it took experiences, authenticity, letting go and being. That’s why I have to say that there’s no other way to live or love. Most people may not get it or may run far away but that’s good because their opening a space for the people that actually deserve to be in your life. I am never going to say that I deserve something or someone…I’m just finding my reflection on the other side and I love what I see. If these are the men that are attracted to me then I must be something…ha-ha. Stupid ego getting in the way of my inspiration; it is ok though; I’ll just pass it by and not give it the attention it wants and doesn’t deserve.


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