There isn’t much

I haven’t much to say but must speak. I am silent here standing by myself and I feel responsible. I feel I must keep calm and carry on. There have been obstacles and monsters…they didn’t kill me, so I must continue. I thought the monsters were my friends and I was wrong.

Today there isn’t much and that means a whole lot. Today I’m letting go of what is beyond my control.

It is as important to let go as it is to act. It is as crucial to be silent as it is to speak up.

There isn’t much but I’m doing this for someone beside myself. I no longer want to be selfish but selfless. Old habits die hard and letting go of myself will be complicated. I want to be better and know I can do it all; so can you.

Even when there isn’t much to do or say; move forward, start over and don’t look back. Know you’re not here to question but to live the unknown. Stop asking yourself why and simply think how.

There isn’t much left and yet here I am, giving you whatever is left of me. I trust you will take care of my soul better than I ever could. I love you and I trust you.


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