I live here

I live in a cloud. Unaware of what is happening underneath, I float. Only those who cannot stand seeing me utterly unaware of what is happening on the ground, try to bring me down. I do unfortunately understand why they can’t stand me. After very hard work and having much to show for themselves, they feel entitled to impose what they have on others.

Some cannot stand your decisions, others your happiness. I can’t stand them not standing me. I can honestly claim an honest intent not to tell others what decisions to make. Maybe my lack of ability to decide anything for sure is what has made me empathetic towards those decision makers. I do have an idea of what is a bit better than worse but I have no right to know better.

I know how illogical my life can be; I don’t always understand it either. Because I live in the clouds, everything I own comes and goes; it never really stays. The pretty flowered dress floated to some other cloud for the day and I can’t force it to stay. It inevitably finds its way home. So when the claimer asks what I have to show for myself, I don’t really have much concrete to show, it’s abstract. I can describe it though.

I know how much more I could have done but I haven’t. All I can do is what I’m doing. All I have is what I have. I do believe in learning and trying hard but I don’t believe in regret, not anymore. I used to regret a lot of what I had become only to find how pointless it is.

I do not know much about a lot but I do know that I live here and my mind has tried to grasp as much as it wants. I intend to try and wish to have the will to do what is right for this path of mine. I want a good life, one full of flowers and to be and inspiration to others. I know how flawed I can be but that has also made me human. I want to smile at life knowing I’ve taken from it as much as it has been able to give me.

I live here and I might not have everything you want to see but I have a soul that has some words to share and pretty things to admire whenever they decide to migrate back from cloud 9.

I hope to create and always live in a state of bliss. I hope to have many visits from lovely angels and never be foolish enough to put my feet on the ground; the clouds are more entertaining and bouncy. The people up here are constantly smiling.

I am here and I live happy. I live here and I am happy. I think that’s more than I can say for a lot of other souls, especially those not built to float.


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