No news

I never understood why I never liked the news. The obvious answer was always because it’s too negative but I secretly always felt embarrassed how much I avoided finding out what was happening around the world.

I guess it’s also how I feel about education in this third world country of mine. It’s what’s expected of me but feels so wrong. I couldn’t help but avoid it altogether.

Yes, I know how horrible it sounds but I swear I must have a point hidden somewhere in this post.

I want to be empathetic and know, but what should I be in the know of? People question those who have had the opportunity to learn and say no but never question those who say yes without even knowing what they’re saying yes to.

This might just be me trying to justify mistakes from the past. But I might be on to something here. I can feel it coming.

I will go back to college as soon as my classes add value to what I’ve already been able to amount myself to be all on my own. Well, with my amazing mother’s help.

I still refuse to read the news and am still probably pretty ignorant to those in the know.

But I recently came across a fascinating book that says we must be aware of what we learn, since unlearning is much harder. The reason why so many meditate is to forget what should have never entered.

I might not know a lot but I am grateful for what I’ve chosen not to know.

I can honestly say it’s what has kept my childish ways intact and my perspective quite naïve and transparent. I love it and wouldn’t change what I so carefully never knew.


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