When it’s meant to be, it really isn’t a goodbye. It’s an aching of the soul that longs never to part. When the love is real, it’s more than just a hug; it’s a crack in the heart.

You never truly get over it; you learn to live with it. You don’t say goodbye but simply cope with not being physically close for bits at a time.

Different pieces of the same puzzle are splattered throughout a map. We long to be close long time and the longevity of the wait has taken a bit of its toll, but never enough not to know that the time will come. You can’t stop what’s on its way.

This is an ode to you and me. But mostly an ode to the love. The harder the goodbye, the greater the love. The deeper the tears, the more beautiful the connection.

Our bodies must part but our souls never can. That’s precisely the reason why the parting is hard to do; our souls know better than we do.

And so today; after a tear sheds down my cheek, a smile inevitably follows. I can’t help but be joyful not just for the moments we get to have together but mainly for this love we’ve created and have become a glorious part of.

I love you, I miss you already and I will see you soon. With all the love in my heart we part. Never in spirit, never for too long.


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