I feel you

I keep moving just in time for you to miss me. I finally arrive just to find you’ve left. But I can feel your energy and my presence has been acknowledged even after you’re gone.

Because you’re grand, I have to make space for your presence here in my head. Some will have to leave for you to fit in.

Many have unexpectedly walked out. I like to think it’s because my soul told them to do so. My body will miss parts of them but I must trust that which I can feel but cannot always touch.

You’ve taken longer than usual getting here, you never have been punctual; one of the many things I love to hate about you. I’ve strayed from the path whenever something shiny distracts me. Our bodies are aging but our souls are growing.

I can feel the joy only life can provide.

I do not need anyone to survive. I stand alone in the jungle but am no longer afraid. All I need, I have. Never to forget the creatures and the one beautiful angel sent from the clouds to guide me thorough.

I can feel you and you become me. I vibrate light and you smile because you can feel it, me.

I will remove myself from any obstacle that won’t let me see far enough to feel you. I will arrive to you and I will make your walking in as clear as the water I so much enjoy from the river; constantly moving. You will become the easiest decision I have ever made.

I will heal myself from the wars I’ve fought just in time for you to meet me halfway. What I’ve walked alone is as important as anything I could walk with you. Time ceases to exist when you focus on abundance, love and peace.

I can tap into you and the feeling is as beautiful as anything my vision could possibly grasp.


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