Secrets come in any form and size. Sometimes they’re necessary, sometimes they’re weapons. The worst kinds are the ones that are kept against your will and only willing to hurt. Secrets do not have to be bad, but the wrongful utilization of their power is what makes them sharp as knives.

He held a secret against me. A secret I never even knew existed was tarnishing a bond I thought was unbreakable. She talked and told him something I never even knew was there.

But the power of a secret isn’t sometimes the secret itself but whether we decide to keep the secret or make it lose its power by facing it with the light of truth. I personally try not to have too many secrets. I try to let communication win. But this dear person always decides to keep from me that which only can be healed in the light of words.

I cannot guess your secrets. I cannot cure your demons. All I can do is face that which is out in the open and up for grabs. My life has taken a twist and whist I took that turn, I decided drama and pain would no longer rule my moments. You remain where you decide to be.

I am not the judge of anyone, only of myself and I choose the light. I choose to speak when I feel it can be handled, I cannot choose to be lonely any longer. I cannot choose you.

Remain silent if it makes you happy; speak up if it makes you happy. But if your silence doesn’t play nice with my voice, we can no longer coexist. I love you and I hope my silence is as loud as my unique voice; screaming from within.


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