A lovely love letter

Dear you:

Today is a day to celebrate you. Today is a day where the person who keeps all the secrets of love, spreads her love another year. It’s a day in time that is paused so that all the living stops and stares at all the greatness that is you. I’ve always considered myself to be objective. And yes, you are in my life and I do know you very well, but I also know people and I know life and you are that one soul; A soul amongst a million others that was born to shine brighter than light itself.

I love you not only because of who you are but also because of what you do. I love how flawlessly happy you are. I admire your sense of selflessness and forgiveness.

Yesterday you were there. You knew me before I existed and I chose you because my soul craved the unconditional love only you could provide. As soon as I started to breathe, you were there and you smiled. You smiled because you knew it was meant to be, it was endless.

Today is where you were born to be. Your ability to be present is that of the enlightened ones. Here we are again and still as happy and strong as ever. Nothing has to change for our love to continue to bloom and grow. Today is a day in time where we stand and stare at the lessons and the memories. Thank you for continuing your long line legacy of love.

Tomorrow is less known, but equally wonderful. The picture I can see of myself always has you in it, no matter what I do or where I go. The images of love are as predictable as the love that inevitably unfolds before us. The messages you carry are as inspiring as life itself can be. You are the positive in any negative. You are the smile in the midst of the madness. You are here and I am grateful to be here with you.

Thank you for existing and proving that some things are meant to last and continue eternally. You’re the loveliest form of love I have ever known and I could never settle for less than what you’ve taught me to deserve. Have the loveliest day, with the loveliest things and all the lovely people that love you. I love you.



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