I lost you. He lost me. Not because he didn’t care, or so I like to think. I didn’t lose him because I tried too hard, or so I like to think. I lost the spark that was once on fire. The fire didn’t know how to hide from the wind.

The black dress she swore she would never stop wearing got lost. Where did it go? Nobody knows. He cannot seem to find the tie he left on the bed but was stolen by someone who thought knew better than him.

Why do we lose things? I know it’s not about dwelling on the past but what if it what was found was meant to be? How do you get over something so real? I don’t have the answer for this one.

I cannot get over the talent that I’ve witnessed. How can something marvelous end? She thought that if she kept singing, he’d keep playing the guitar. But the voice has been paused and the guitar is hidden away in a dark closet somewhere. They played games together and created magic one last time before it was all lost; maybe for a while, maybe forever, nobody truly knows.

I lose it, the voice I had. It will find its way back but for now, it’s lost. And I can’t seem to find true love as if it’s hiding from me forever but hopefully just for a while. The loneliness has been found, then lost and terribly fleeting.

But some things are bigger than you and me. Some things are made to change the world and nothing should matter more than that. The message shouldn’t be lost, the purpose. If you’re lucky enough to know why you’re here, don’t lose it. I don’t know why or how we lose but so long as we don’t lose what matters most and find a way to leave this world better than it was before we came, not all is lost.


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