I guess I’m at awe at this newfound respect for life. I am aware of what a great golden gift I hold in my hands. It is a tragedy to see many wait so long to start living their lives. All I can do is encourage and support them in the search. I can’t stop growing and learning and seeing the now. Once you cross over to the other side of the bridge, there’s no going back. It’s having a different perspective, it’s seeing through people easier and clearer every single time. Of course it can be tricky to find someone who truly gets it, but it doesn’t matter because once you do, they become worth a million souls. A single pair of eyes can fill you with hope. It makes you see how important it is to be unique souls and search for your meaning rather than settling for someone else’s definition.

It’s not about surviving; it’s about embracing. And it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be flawless but you will love it and you will be proud of yourself. The flawed human in you may try to take over, but you will know better and in a second you’ll remember and be good to go again. The very human emotions are a part of living, but it is not a part of it to let them take over or even believe they are true. Who gets to choose what’s true or false? You have to question everything and then realize what makes sense and what doesn’t. At the end of the day you’ll realize that everything is upside down and the perspective will help you see straight; it’s a wonderful point of view and you can taste heaven perfectly.

Today I am at awe in my gratitude. I’m endlessly grateful to have grown these wings that could have only formed themselves by adversity’s strength. I am swimming in the opportunity of what is rather than what could have been. Fairies glitter my world with color and laughter surrounds me; an angel supports me; and I am guided by instincts rather than an incessant wind trying to blow me away trying to make me feel inadequate.

The voice has begun to be heard. The words have been uttered from my world into yours. All that was undone is coming together. Everything broken feels whole again. The hearts that bled are healing nicely. The songs are being sung and the flowers in the garden are blooming beautifully. I’m at awe by all the beauty created, all the second chances that appear from whispers in the dark.

Thank you life for surprising me with sunshine and rainbows. Thank you for making me smile and making the waking up an endeavor I cannot wait to walk through. Today I am at awe and it’s thanks to you, thanks to me, it’s thanks to life and all its light and darkness; all its beauty and ugliness; all its beautiful opposites that constantly feed the urge to spill and express; to live and let live.


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