What is perfection?

I can’t believe how fast and drastic life can take a twist and a turn. I can’t believe the friends I have, the music I’ve listened to, the books that are a part of my being and the new philosophy of life that I not only believe in but apply. I am deleting and throwing away the waste and leaving all the good and what’s pure. The feeling has finally set me free. Most people won’t understand and they’re not supposed to. If they did, you’re doing something wrong. If only they knew what this life tastes like, the world I live in wouldn’t have enough space.

I can’t help ridding myself of the useless. The feeling of knowing what to do, how to be or who to do it with and really not care about the rest is perfection. Of course there is no such thing as perfection. Funnily enough, only by accepting the imperfections can you really get closer to what is called perfect.

The events and experiences have become truly enjoyable because of this push and pull between caring but letting go. I don’t know how I got here but I simply feel enlightened and I know I was meant for greatness. It might be a blessing and a curse, but when you feel you’ve been given a gift, you have to know how lucky you are to be able to see through your eyes and try to make this world if only a little better. Time is an illusion and it’s been on my side all along. Perfection finds you when you’re doing what you love and after you’ve rid yourself of all the programs that have been lodged in your subconscious.

Another beautiful part of the puzzle of perfection is knowing that we can’t know it all and we cannot figure it all out; not today and probably not ever.


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