Because they told you

“Wealth is worth fighting for above all. The more success you can prove, the better. If he knows more, he must be better. This country is inadequate. He made me feel inferior without my consent. He left when I wanted him to stay, it must have been because I wasn’t good enough. She’s younger and more beautiful, that’s why he chose her. If you’re not working yourself to death, you’re not doing enough. Your dreams are too big for them to materialize.”

Why do we believe this? Why do we crave what isn’t really there? Why is what we have never enough? Why are there so many requirements to merely become adequate? Why is our inner dialogue so dysfunctional at times? Why don’t we follow our bliss when it should be the easiest decision of our lives?

It’s not because it’s true, it’s because they told you. ‘They’ can be society, family, friends, your programmed self, a higher power or even nature. But before you adopt a belief, make sure it’s the right one. Make sure you question it before you let it in. We mustn’t be reckless with what we choose to believe. You were created with the ability to reason and it’s your right to use it. I know many of the things I believe in aren’t true and I am trying my hardest to rid myself of them. I want to strip myself of what I know isn’t true but just there because it was whispered into my subconscious mind. Just because they told you does not mean it’s true, it does not mean it’s right, and it certainly does not mean it should stay there forever.

Liberate yourself from what you were told but know isn’t true, isn’t right. Then, and only then, you can actually start the living.


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