Faces & places

I’m in a place where travellers pass through constantly. Some are here for days, others for months, very few for years. “The more places you see, the better understanding you can have of the world” a traveller once told me. I completely respect this. Not everybody is lucky enough to travel the world for a year so I cannot say I truly know what if feels like. But from the experiences I’ve had, for me it’s been more about the faces. The places can make an immense difference, but the faces can change your life. I remember the faces of all the friends I’ve made, what they’ve told me, and the mark they have left in my life. Yes, we might have been sitting by the bay or chilling at home, hanging out by the beach or maybe even in beautiful San Francisco. But if it all became a blur and I couldn’t remember where we were, I’d remember the expressions they had when they were sad or when they smiled at me…I froze those frames and hold them with me.

So, for me, as important and wonderful as I think traveling is, the people you get to meet no matter where you are or go is what matters most. We’re all in this together and we all have different driving forces, but this is mine.

The faces have given me comfort when I’ve felt lonely. Our passion for places have made us meet too. But that moment when you feel you can actually connect to another is what has driven me to think this life is worthy. Not moving from place to place can be quite difficult, specially when you have a restless soul, but I want my difficulties to be someone’s relief. I feel I have had moments where I haven’t been able to do everything I wanted to do but this happens and all I know for sure is that whatever pain I go through, it will help others get through.

I want to be a face that helps others, a face that can smile at life no matter where I happen to be. I want to be the kind of face that would stop moving when I find another face that I think is worth sticking around for. The places have given me treasures, but struggle has made me. Sometimes leaving is easier than staying. For now, I have to stay and I know the faces I find will help me through the restlessness. I know that my mind can take me anywhere. I know that my decisions and how I use my brain can help me go anywhere. But if what is right is to stay then I’ll stay. You get to a point in your life where you cannot decide what you want, but what is right. Even when what is right makes absolutely no sense. It doesn’t make sense to stay but it’s what is right and that’s all I know for sure.

The places decorate the scene but the faces make it.


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