Changing faces

You fell in love with a face and cannot forget the eyes with which he saw you, the mouth with which you were deeply kissed. You cannot get over the hair you stroked whenever you desired to do so, the smile containing the perfectly aligned teeth. You cannot get over that face. But now I realize how faces change. We hold on to faces but it’s not right. We do not fall in love with the face; we fall in love with the soul. It takes a while to forget the face and maybe we never really do. But then another face comes along and you’re able to love it even more so. It’s because the soul moved into another face. For now, it’s the black hair and brown eyes I cling to, it used to be blonde and blue eyes. And maybe soon enough it’ll be brown and grey eyes. The faces change and that’s why we should not hold on to them. They’re as constant as change itself. We just have to wait and the waiting is the hardest.

We hold on to faces because the soul hasn’t found its way into another one yet, a face we feel is worth loving. But don’t worry if you have to let go, it’s just a face. As you can see, there are many. Similar souls are harder to come by but they do come by, especially if you believe it. Whilst I write this, I remind myself. Let go of the changing faces. If this face isn’t here, let it go. If this face isn’t right, let it go, you cannot go against what is.

Yes, the moments are hard to let go of because it is one single face that is stuck in our mind. We cannot even conceive of the notion that there will be another. But just remember it’s not the face, it’s the soul and soon enough it’ll inhabit a different body, a different face. So don’t worry about the face, it’ll change and the next one might just be that right soul that will stay and that should make your beautiful face smile.


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