Here & there

In that world I am queen. I was born with a gift and everything has been given to me. In that world they all want me and nothing seems that complicated.

In this world I am nothing, nobody. Here I only see what is around me…blinded by confusion. I don’t know what to be or how to be it.

In that world I own everything. I am the hero of the story, the wise one. I am young but somehow found a way to know how to dress and be. I am flawlessly fit and beautiful.

In this world it took me years to feel comfortable in my own skin. Here, I had to lose a ton of weight to feel adequate. In this world I feel invisible at times. The boys cannot seem to stay.

In that world, the prince is easily recognized by the white horse he rides in. Music seems to start playing as soon as we see each other for the first time.

In this world expectations have been broken more often than not, dreams change as constantly as people’s minds. It seems to be ordinary and mundane.

In that world it isn’t as perfect as I thought it would be but interesting and never boring. The colors and the rainbows surround me more often and I feel inside the glow.

In this world I feel as though I’m standing outside. I do have some sort of strength and never feel alone. Mistakes seem as easy to fall into as love.

I’m here and I’m there. But because this world is easier to touch, I get caught up in it. I mustn’t forget where the soul flourishes, where it breathes. I have to be here and I have learned to stop resisting what is. But I should as easily accept my soul’s desire to visit the other side.

The fantasy is as real to me as reality. I cannot seem to find a clear way home but all I can do is try. And when this world doesn’t seem to make sense I must visit the other one and find strength in knowing that it might never make sense but it is a beautiful mess and it’s mine.


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