This my favorite song. It is a combination between reality and fantasy. The definition of how the world is and how we see it is a contrast. The melody’s sadness is powerful but makes perfect sense. It talks about endings and beginnings. Cooling’s emotions are clear. Tori wrote it after a horrible heartbreak and I can relate.

It makes me cry because it has a way of conveying the message that this too shall pass. But it’s not as simple as that. When you’re in love and don’t really want to fall out of love, having the love pass is a mourning, a horrible loss. I feel as though a death just happened, the death of love. And because there’s nobody else like him, the mourning has to happen for me to ever be able to open my eyes again and fall in love again.

The reminder is clear, it’ll pass…but it takes a while. It’s that while where all the crying and coping happens. When we seem to forget how wonderful life is and what really matters. It makes you want to give up and sleep for the exact amount of time it’ll take to get over someone. I don’t want to wake up to life one moment sooner than that. But I can’t. Life happens with or without me and I have to know that without me it won’t be as great.

“Faster than I can, this is cooling.”


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