What matters most

After Thanksgiving, I started to realize what truly matters. The green in the money has been trying to trap me into worry. Then it hits me…I admire those who live beyond what they have. It’s easy to be fooled by the façade but we should push through Hell and into the light. Once we remember that it’s all about the moments, nothing matters much after that. When we die, will we care more about how much we had or how much we lived? The program in our heads runs deep, but never for long. I just need to make myself snap out of it every single day. I used to allow myself to worry about that which did not matter.

What matters is getting that morning coffee and knowing that in those few moments nothing else is as important. I learned from the best and the best knows what life holds and it’s time not money. Time is money they say, I say time is much better than money…it allows us to live.

What matters is growing and knowing that in the difficult times, we have loved ones to help us through. In the bright moments, we smile and freeze the frame in our minds forever. I recently found bliss in love and without knowing if it’ll last or not, I smile. I will forever hold the frame of hiking and finding a tree to name together, Gavin. I’m grateful for that and so many moments we’ve shared so far.

Today I’m grateful not just for him, but for every single experience that led me to him. I’m grateful for every single friend that has listened and trusted me enough to share their soul. I’m grateful for my mistakes and the lessons they inevitably brought. I’m grateful for trying. Trying to be better and not complain. I’m grateful for knowing. Knowing deep inside that everything works out for the best.

I’m grateful for you and for me. I’m grateful for where I am at this very precise moment. It’s not about perfection but about making the most of what was given to me and for that lesson I am eternally grateful.


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