I am deep inside the ocean and I’m finally a mermaid. It’s so deep, I must remind myself to breathe underwater. I feel as though I’ve swum a thousand oceans and I am now here…deep inside the blue. It looks more like red than I thought it would, making everything turn purple, absolutely fantastic.

Without knowing what it would look like, I knew that if I kept diving inside the running blue, I’d eventually become a mermaid and belong inside this ocean that can constantly change its color. I knew I had to keep going in spite of the haunting monsters lodged inside the sea of the subconscious. I don’t know how but I knew I had to keep going. The hunters tried to catch me, they tried to take me out of the water into the land but the side of the water drew me in.

What I was looking for I never knew. But all I know now is the touch of the water against my part skin and part fins. I almost drowned by being human and living inside the ocean…almost. Becoming a mermaid is home. I never understood my fascination for the depths and now I know.

The liquid diamonds I’ve acquired along the journey made the struggle worthwhile and kept me from drowning…they helped me float. The liquid diamonds ran through my fingers and into my soul and even if anyone tries to take them away…I wear them inside out, like tattoos.

I am deep inside the ocean and I’m finally a mermaid. Shallow living bores me and I feel as if I have finally escaped the life that was given to me but never desired. My dream of becoming a mermaid has finally come and all I want to do is swim, enjoy the preciousness of each moment and feel the waves move through me like earthquakes. I can finally breathe inside the ocean and it’s better than I could have ever imagined it to be.


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