What you never said

You’re usually in San Francisco even though you might live in Colorado. The color of your eyes change; depends on the day and the light. All the things you never said are engraved in my mind, as real as you. You can’t help but love me because of how unique I am. We go to all sorts of places, our friends are great. When you look at me, I am no longer troubled because there’s nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow we might go to another perfect place and we dress similarly. You never knew you could love like this. I always knew you were the one, even if it took you a while to recognize who I was.

This time I can’t remember where we are, but I remember you. I forgive you for taking so damn long to find me here. You almost didn’t make it on time. I’ll never forget when you didn’t say how you loved us because the world stopped when we were together and because our love wasn’t perfect but real and real was meant to last forever.

I don’t know why I want you in this world so much. Maybe because this is where I have to spend most of my time or maybe because I can remember what happens here more than there. I want you here, I’m selfish like that.

You never said you loved me but Imagination told me you did and I believed her. Imagination is an old friend that has given me great joy, how could I not trust her? She gets to talk to you and create beautiful moments I cannot seem to forget. Yes, I miss what I haven’t seen in this world but I’m hoping that if it’s in my head, it will soon be in my hands.

I remember what you never said and I’ll never forget. And when you’re here, I’ll be grateful because I knew; and for now that’s enough. Until then, I will never forget what you never said because it’s as real as the air I can touch.


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