I need somebody, maybe even myself. I need a book or maybe a good cup of coffee. We go through events in life where we forget to ask for help or to help ourselves. I can waste time checking Facebook when I should be writing or reading. Every little decision makes a difference in how we feel. I watch TV all day instead of working out and then I feel like crap and think I get to complain? I’ve learned to stop. And now I’m at the point where help is necessary. My dysfunctional habits and I no longer get along…a marriage gone wrong and I am ready for a divorce. Loved ones help more than words can say. Knowing that they understand and that I’m not alone is bliss. Life feels heavy when we feel alone. And I am not, most of us aren’t.

Even if you feel you don’t have anyone, you still have yourself. I have a dear friend that went through Hell by herself and kept going until she found the light again. If we’re alive, we have somebody. Doing it alone is much harder, but never impossible. Besides, now a day you can get help in support groups and even online. I know the globalization has made us feel lonelier, but it’s because of how we use the technology. If you use it the right way, it can be an amazing opportunity to find what you’re looking for.

I believe in therapy, even if things are fine. Life was built in a confusing way, challenging at times. I know it’s not my place to know it all but I can get help in figuring it out, have peace above all.

Help! I need somebody…even if the help is simply being kinder to myself and others. Just admitting that we want help is a huge step. Get help, help yourself, be the help for others. I had the hardest time arriving where I am emotionally. I still have no clue what it’s all about or why it’s gone the way it has. But what I can do is help myself know that it can be beautiful just the way it is. And if I start to treat my days kinder, the months will be nicer and the years will be a blissful experience.


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