Once Upon A Time

This is the beginning of a story. A beginning that keeps happening over and over again. Recently I’ve been watching this show and it inspires me. The most important question that is asked thoroughout the show is whether to believe or not. The main character is a good one but has the hardest time believing. Some people have an easier time believing than others. I know a true believer at heart, Isabel. Isabel believes without asking herself how or why. The reason why she doesn’t have a problem believing is because she knows. She knows there’s no other way to live. Because of this, I can honestly say she’s the happiest most optimistic person I know. I also know a non believer, he is a good person but doesn’t know how to be happy. That’s the point. We insist on asking ourselves whether we’re believers or not forgetting that our happiness seems to be on the line. Life will have obstacles for anyone but how we deal with these obstacles matter most and what will determine the quality of our lives will be how much we believe.

This is the beginning of a story, whichever one you choose. The non believers can be good but they cannot seem to truly be happy. The believers are good but above all, happy. It seems like a no brainer decision and it should be. We should believe in life, God, friends, magic, fantasy and anything that makes us happy because that is what matters most.

Start your story today and be the character you want to be, not the one you think you should be or are doomed to be. Yes, we’ve made mistakes and we think it might be too late sometimes, but it isn’t. Once Upon A Time is today and we always have the choice to believe and have our stories be whatever we believe they can be.


Smiles lost

Some days are blue, others are full of sunshine. I used to be enraptured by the blue and it would trap me for days. I used to stay blue and no other color could get me out of that state. After leaving the blue state, I realized how unfortunate it is. It happening sometimes feels inevitable but it lasting isn’t. We decide how deep into the blue we go. We decide how much the color lasts and how intense it shines. Today I was brainstorming on why the blue shouldn’t last and it finally hit me. The longer the blue remains, the more smiles are lost forever. Smiles should never be compromised. Smiles are too contagious to pass by. I love how we can act as if everything is ok and it instantly makes us feel better. I love how something as simple as smiling boosts our mood. We simply seem to forget to smile.

Smiles are lost when we stop rooting for ourselves. Smiles are lost when we decide not to believe. Yes, it will be better someday but most importantly we must realize how good it is at this very moment. A few months ago, I could only dream of living in a place where I could feel free and walk, and now that I can do that, I feel I’m creating conflict where conflict was never meant to be. Unexpected events will happen, especially when the unconventional was chosen; but that doesn’t mean we should crumble with discouragement when faced with an obstacle. Anything I can do to feel better I should do. Anything that will get me closer to the life of my dreams is worth fighting for. I have a tendency of playing the victim card too often and complaining is my weapon of choice. Today in this very special day in August I choose to let go and live now. I choose to walk away from the blue because it has nothing productive to offer.

Sometimes life isn’t what we expect it to be but that doesn’t make it bad. We think we should control but the opportunity to learn how to let go of control is much greater than control itself. We over thinkers think we should feel every single emotion over and over again when that can be completely destructive. Whatever keeps us from smiling is never a good idea. Anything that forces us to lose smiles will never be worthy of our time or attention. Not exercising, over eating, partying excessively, avoiding responsibility, thinking too much, controlling are all things I do to avoid true happiness. For an instant they might give me instant gratification but deep inside it just hurts me. Why? Because that’s running away from life and running away from life make smiles go away for a very long time. And the longer we lose our authentic smiles, the harder they are to get back.  I love living life and I’ve learned from experience that running away will never make it better. Protect your smiles by not getting lost in the blue. The sun will always shine if we choose to remember that even in the cloudy days it’s there hiding behind the clouds but always keeping us warm and that should always make us smile.