My roommate and good friend just unexpectedly moved out of what he frequently called home. He fell in love, got his heart broken and couldn´t take things not working out the way he had expected. It truly has been shocking to watch. I recently had my heart broken as well but decided to move on with my life in spite of the ache. Comparison is useless but my point is that we need to remember what unfortunately easily becomes forgotten. As soon as I stop drowning in what has just happened to me, I remember what I had forgotten. I start to remember how strong I am, how I can get through anything and how it could be much worse. Some people let us go and we feel undervalued, unloved. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because someone rejects us or chooses not to be with us, does not mean we are worth less than we actually are; this is very important to remember.

When our heart is broken, our judgment is clouded…but then that voice whispers what we had forgotten into our subconscious. It´s important we remember what we so easily forget. Today I felt sad and then I remembered how important it is to do what I love and what I´m good at. If I´m feeling blue but doing nothing that makes me happy, how real is the pain to begin with? We have to push ourselves to take the files that have been forgotten and remember their existence is there to help us. On my file I find teaching, writing, reading, singing, listening to music, walking, learning something new, and spending time with loved ones. Whenever I´m having a hard time, that space should be replaced with what I love and then instead of feeling sorry, I feel happy and grateful to get to do what I love.

If we´re not willing to help ourselves, who will? I will never know why we tend to be negative and allow ourselves to dig a whole knowing it will take us nowhere but further from the light. What´s forgettable can easily save our lives. If we do not make an effort to remember what we have forgotten, we let go of our valuable lives and the dreams found within them. 

My good friend decided to ignore what we easily forget. He decided not to see what was created to be remembered. It´s ok if we forget who we are or what we hold dear, but it’s never ok to leave it forgotten and abandoned. Forgetting frustrates me but I always find a way to remember and be back on track. I beg of you to please remember. Don´t allow the dark side of your mind to take over your life and its dreams. Life was not created to be hidden from it; it was created to be lived…even if it hurts; and that should never be forgotten.


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