The cracks

My heart feels a little broken. Everything and especially everyone seems broken. I walk down the street, I look around and I wonder about every single person I see. Do they have a broken heart? Have they ever experienced this? Are the cracks still fresh or have they been able to repair themselves? Do they feel the cracks inside their soul as strongly as I do? I don´t know but I wonder…

The cracks are a part of life and yet, if we´re willing to live, we should be willing to live with the cracks. Someone that you love has left you, someone that you love is gone, someone that you love has passed away. They all leave a crack in our fragile hearts. But the truth is that even if the cracks are long and deep, our hearts don´t break. We simply have to endure the wounds. If they´re fresh, you feel as though it will actually break because of the pain; but it doesn´t.

We´re all walking hearts with cracks; my heart has cracks from all sorts of goodbyes. It has cracks from the past of when I had to leave places I wasn´t ready to leave. It has a long and constant crack from not being able to see my beloved brother. The worst cracks are those that are deep and meaningful. I have recently acquired a new crack, one deep enough to forget about how fragile a heart is.

I walk around in circles and I cannot seem to let go of those around me. Where are their cracks? How did they learn how to live with their broken wounds? Were they able to love again after the pain? I hope so. So long as hope never dies, I´ll take as many cracks as my bleeding heart can take. It´s funny how easily we can let someone in without allowing ourselves to remember they can easily leave a crack. Love gives hope to us all, so much so, we forget about the pain; if only for an instant.

I wish everybody would wear their cracks like tattoos; it would make me feel better. The cracks would remind me how I´m not alone and how we´ve all been there. I don´t know why but when it comes to a broken heart, it feels lonely. I know I´m not. Friends and family never disappoint, but the cracks can only heal in time. A heart can glue itself back together only with patience.

The cracks hurt and I wonder where they are, where everyone hides them. I wish I could see what their pain looks like and help each other through.


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