All the moments in between can seem endless. But there’s that one moment that can actually fill your heart. Someone was truly kind to me today, without a hidden agenda. Genuinely nice and willing to help me out just because he could. It’s funny how this happened whilst I read “The Perks of being a wallflower.” This book is filled with authentic heartfelt moments that have made me laugh, cry, wonder and feel. I’ve always said how for me, the best form of expression is the real kind. The kind that you feel could happen to you. Even in a fantasy, the emotions, the metaphors and its creative form feels completely real to me. The moments in art exist in my head and are as real to me as anything else in life.

I love to be in between worlds and live the moments each one of them holds. And it’s the moments that leave you breathless that matter, just as the book says, “And in that moment I swear we were infinite.”

That’s exactly what it is. That is why we crave those moments. That is why we crave love. Love makes us feel wanted, taken care of, infinite…

Infinite because those moments actually feel as though time ceases to exist. Age doesn’t matter, it never really should. Nothing is worth worrying about because if these moments exist and we’re one of the lucky ones that get to live them, we truly are infinite.


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