Give me passion

It´s my birthday today. I cannot believe how much has happened in a year. Life has a way of twisting and turning and at this very moment it has left me in a joyful place; a place full of light and beauty. A place where time stops and enjoyment begins. I find myself in the company of authentic souls searching for love with a whole lotta love to give; a place where hope floats above our heads protecting our dreams. I feel blessed, fortunate, fulfilled. I walked out today with a blue dress and a red ribbon around my waist and I realized I had dreamed about that very moment. I had pictured myself walking the streets of Antigua, wearing a cute dress, with the possibility of love in my head, listening to Tori and smiling because I was home. A dream came true today and on my birthday. I feel as though I finally have a life I´m not only proud of but immensely grateful for. The struggle´s lessons smile because they knew all along how wonderful my life is meant to be. And there are still loose ends but I´ve learned how to embrace them knowing they´ll find their way.

I have received fabulous gifts. I have roses, a wax heart, the company of great friends, wine, a house I´m in love with and great music. But if anyone asks me what I´d like for my birthday this year or any year, it would be passion. I´d ask them to please feel passionately. To love passionately, to do what they do passionately and simply sense their surroundings passionately. As if it were the very last moment of their lives. I´d ask every single person to look around and breathe it in passionately. I have never seen as much passion in my life as I have in Argentina. Ever since, I have not been the same. It made me discover how passionate I am and how much passion means to me. There´s a wonderful Argentinean film called “El Secreto de Sus Ojos” and one of the characters passionately explains how people can change absolutely everything about themselves, except one thing; their passion. That speech took my breath away. Everything burns deeper, but sensing passionately is worth the pain. I´m passionate about life, writing, music, singing, connecting with people, making others smile, authenticity and love. Love is what drives it all. While lukewarm love sits disappointed, passionate love creates art, it makes the world change the living easier.

Today I am grateful for the difference a year can make and how time slowly heals. I´m grateful for the struggles and every single event in my life that has led me to this moment in time. Life is happening and people are coming in to give me messages of love. Their smiles, their words, their expressions are here in my head forever. So, if you are going to give me a gift, give me passion. Don´t be afraid to live passionately; once you know how it feels, you´ll know there´s no other way to live.


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