The mountain

Neil Gaiman is inspiring. I recently saw a speech he gave at a University. One of the many tips he gives is to ask yourself whether you´re going towards or away from the mountain. The mountain is what you want to accomplish, your calling. I, myself recently discovered what that was. Ever since, life seems different. Let´s just say that the view of the mountain in the distance changed the perspective of what is beside me.

If it was hard to settle before, it´s become impossible now. The mountain´s strength is so enchanting, I cannot waste a minute getting stuck in the mud or even worse, walking away from it. Even if the distractions are money or responsibilities. It is mind boggling how people, events and even we get in the way of our evergreen mountains. I believe many never get to see the mountain because the fog is too thick to get rid of. But some of us get to see the mountain in the distance and it is as clear as water. It is as real as the paper and pen I use to write this.

Neil could not have put it better. Any career choice you´re faced with, ask yourself if it´ll take you closer or further away from the mountain. I recently quit a job that was taking me away from the mountain. I might quit my other job if it will take me further away from it as well. I am no longer afraid to walk towards the mountain. I know I will find my way even when I cannot see the way. If you do what you do well, keep your eyes on the mountain and not give up, you will reach that mountain. Do not let distractions get in the way. Do not let struggles stop you for too long. You will fall and you will get back up again. You will find others on their way to their mountain and you´ll recognize each other. Find your mountain and walk towards it with conviction, doing what you do best: what you love. It’s meant to be. It is not easy but it is the only way to fulfillment. Thank you for the tip Neil.


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