I am a professional daydreamer. It all started when I was about 15 years old. I can almost daydream about anything. I can see myself accomplishing a million things, about getting married, about finding true love, about shutting people up, about proving people wrong, I picture myself down the line and and living the dream. My mind goes nuts because I see myself doing so many things; desire drives my soul to daydream constantly. When I was younger, I could only dream of being a performer. I still dream about singing but at least the daydreams have matured with me.

Daydreaming can get excruciating at times, but it’s by far much better to dream and enjoy as though it happened than to never picture it in your head. I will inevitably keep dreaming because that is what I do. The heart wants what it wants, my soul craves the vision in my head.

Our thoughts can truly take us to wherever we long to be. If daydreaming were a sport, I’d be a heck of an athlete. I love to dream about a million things, never one. Guys play an important role. None of them have been up to par in the “reality” world. Their actions in my head are so much better. As hard as I try, I cannot seem to rid myself of the dream. I see many settle and it is simply unacceptable to me. What I can see when I dream seems so real, I cannot let it go. I do not expect life to be a perfect dream, but I do expect it to make me feel ridiculously happy.

I dream of being a performer, of publishing my books, of meeting the love of my life and having him be everything I expected him to be. Sometimes if you can dream it, you can do it. I also dream the little things. Will the cute guy from work look at me? In my dreams, I get absolutely everything I want. I guess in the end what I truly want is what is right for me. Sometimes we desire so many things, it can get confusion. I still daydream absurdity now and then, but I know  now how the dreams I want coming true are those that are meant for me. I no longer crave everything, I crave happiness. And because of it, the possibility of my dreams coming true increases. The daydreaming might seem crazy, but sometimes the escape shows us a glimpse of heaven. It is a window to the possibility of what dreams can become.


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