Mother like mine

A mother is a woman whose love is bigger than herself. I am not a mother myself but I have a mother that has set the bar extremely high. Her love has inspired me to be better, to be greater. A mother like mine teaches by example. A mother like mine defies logic. Growing up, I thought having a mother like mine was normal. I thought everybody’s mom was their best friend. It turns out I was unfortunately wrong. I do know several great mothers and a mother such as the one I was blessed with, makes you want to be the best woman you can possibly be.

Obstacles have led my mother to be a fighter and because of it, I know what she is capable of. You see, one can never know how great one will be until put to the test. Well, my mother has been put to the test and completely aced the score.

I believe not everyone is blessed to have a mother like mine but anyone can be a wonderful parent. We have to break free of what we’re told we’re supposed to be and create the greatest bond that has ever existed. My mom threw the handbook out the window and trusted her instincts instead. What did that give her? Unconditional love from both her kids. Parents that demand love do not seem to get it. Parents that give love without expecting anything in return seem to get their investment back with an interest.

A mother like mine inspires me not only on Mother’s Day but every single day of my life. She is the definition of love and inspires all the hope and faith in existence. It sounds unreal but I know for a fact what this love feels like. The love my mother has given me and my brother is eternal. Today, once again, I honor her. I honor her not only for the amazing woman she is but because of what she stands for. She is strength, courage, wisdom, example, peace and all that is good in life. And I am not talking about perfection here, I am talking about what’s real love. It’s so simple and yet so powerful. A mother like mine is worth mentioning, worth honoring; today and always.


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