Prove it

I have known the believers and the non-believers. I’ve met amazing people on both sides and horrible people on both sides as well. When religion goes against something or someone you hold dear, it can tarnish the whole experience. My gay friends tend to be very anti religious. I completely understand why. The very religious kind of people tend to frown upon many things I believe to be right. It is a very gray are. I recently watched Contact; what a wonderful movie! Jodie Foster’s character is the easiest to love and yet she does not believe in a greater power because it can’t be proven, she says. Matthew McConaughey’s character, who is very spiritual,  asks her if she loved her father and she replies “of course.” Then he says: “prove it.”

It shouldn’t be about doing what they tell you to do or not believing in this or that. I believe you can be completely spiritual and scientific. I believe there can be a middle ground. Extremist do not help the cause though. Nobody can simply agree to respect each other and let it be.

And as much as I love all my friends and family, I have come to the conclusion that for me, believing is always better than not believing. The emptiness that can come from thinking that you’re alone and hopeless is unnecessary. The happiest people I know are believers. The thing about most of the non-believers is that they do not care that much about being happy; their priorities are different. That’s why it’s important to know what is important to you and then live according to that. Being happy is one of my greatest priorities and that’s why I know that having faith is the best way to go. Maybe others rejoice in simply being. I truly want to respect the differences. What I will never support is hate or disrespect. Now that is something I can prove is dysfunctional and unnecessary.

I cannot prove the love I feel in my heart or why I believe in a greater power. That’s why I love faith and always will. I love not having control over absolutely everything, it humbles me. I know what I believe in and I will not prove it because I don’t have to. If something is real and honest, then there’s no need to prove absolutely anything. Those that need proof aren’t truly sure of what they believe in; that I truly believe. And I feel comfort in knowing I was not meant to know it all or prove what I know in my heart to be the truth.


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