The worry effect

It needs not a reason or a purpose. It cripples its way in your sleep and when you wake up you’re loaded and ready to do the most pointless activity ever created: worry. It feels as though a monstrous spider crawls and finds a way to your brain; that’s how scary worry is to me. I’ve never liked spiders and I do not think I will anytime soon. Worry is as creepy as a spider. It finds a way to frighten you without actually attacking…just by its mere existence. The Evil forces created it, I’m sure of it. Just as wonderful as joy and happiness feels, worry is one of the bad ones. Worry is horrible because it’s fear disguised as something “acceptable.”

The secret society has accepted worry as a way to be responsible, don’t let it fool you. Worrying has absolutely nothing to do with responsibility. Responsibility has some percentage of good in it…worry on the other hand, is pure evil in its very core.

For once in my life I feel as though I have nothing to worry about and what does worry do to a former worrier? It attacks. You see, that’s why it annoys me completely. It whispers into my ear  when I’m asleep how it is OK to worry and that I should accept it as normal. Not this time. I am fed up. It is not chronic or worth losing sleep for, but I am losing at least one minute per day; minutes lost that I will never get back. I have made up my mind. I’ve deciphered that worry’s root is evil, why waste energy and time on it? I believe I can do without it and I will. How? I don’t know. But I know I can replace worry with almost anything and it’ll be time put to better use. So I will write, I will work out, take a walk, (which is a privilege I recently acquired) post, talk to friends, etc. All better investments than the masked fear.

The worry effect will not get the best of me because in the past, today and tomorrow all it has to offer is absolutely zero.  I consider myself smart enough to know that if there’s nothing there, what’s the point of it all? Don’t let worry be a part of your life; pretend as if it is nonexistent.  Indifference is the key, it will kill it. That’ll teach it to leave you alone. Yes, we have responsibilities…but will the worry effect help? No. I am done and hope to find in this new found life without worry’s existence, freedom from the chains that held me back. Now I’ll be free to do anything because without worrying about what might happen, absolutely anything is possible and that is simply fabulous. I can’t wait.


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