Never settle

I thought I was too busy to find you. I used to think I was always at the wrong place and missed you by a few seconds. Turns out that is untrue. I have had a hard time getting it right, but deep inside I know. I know what ‘meant to be’ feels like. I know how my soul smiles and tells me when the person in front of me is right. The frogs dress up and look good. Sometimes they’re even princes. But unfortunately he’s not the prince for me; but I’m sure he’s someone else’s prince. Some guys are frogs and will never truly be right for anybody else. Others are amazing guys that simply aren’t right.

I feel grateful for the souls I’ve encountered. I do feel lonely at times but never too lonely that I would settle for another girl’s prince. What if she’s waiting for him? What if I’m getting in the way of true love? I could never do that. A hopeless romantic knows better than to interrupt crazy, meant to be, blissful love.

The confusion is having your mind reason with your heart. Love wishers to like how it’s just enough. But it truly isn’t. I might have been screwed by all the fairy tale non sense, but I’ve never been screwed by my instincts. As painful as it would be to admit, I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person. But what I desperately have to hold on to is believing that the right one is out there and that, against all odds, we’ll find each other.

I’m a sucker for love, thus encouraging every single person not to settle. The pressure can be suffocating sometimes but do not give in. And whist I give this advice, I realize I’m just advising myself. Friends and even my own inner voice keep telling me how I don’t give guys a chance, how I should wait to get to know someone before blowing them off. But what if I know early on  that the spark isn’t there? I’ve never been good at prolonging what doesn’t feel right; a never ending bittersweet roller coaster. And every single time this happens, I ask myself whether I’ll find the right guy. I sincerely hope so and I hope most find their soul mates too. And I truly believe that with all the matters of the heart, you’ll know when you see it and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle.


2 thoughts on “Never settle

  1. Great post. You cannot make an attraction/spark happen & if you ask me, if you don’t feel it when you 1st meet a guy, you never will. Oddly enough, the only guy I feel I have ever really loved, I intensly did NOT like at all when we 1st met! But still, that strong emotion was there, you know? Hopefully we will all find our soul mates, keep hope!:)

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