It is hard to admit you’re an artist. So instead of saying anybody is an artist or not, let’s just say some choose to express themselves for a living, interpreters. I am an interpreter. I am fascinated by music and how I choose to listen to it. This is why I love poetic artists. The ones that always leave space in art for the imagination. Tori Amos is one of my favorite interpreters. She has a way of seeing and expressing what she calls sonic shapes. I cannot even imagine what she sees but I am sure it is full of wonder, mystery and beauty. The interpreters of life know there’s more than the eye can see. They know better than to say that anything is what it is. If even we are in constant change, how could we possibly expect for life or experiences not to change? I love knowing but I also love not knowing. Exploring makes life exciting. This is why I know I will always share my time with people who wonder, those who know that they cannot possibly know it all. Those that know the dimensions of life. They are the ones and only ones who can freeze time. Most worry about how time slips through or how it will never be what it was. But the expression of the emotions remain frozen. What we think at this very moment can be frozen if it’s expressed one way or another. The songs are frozen. The writings are frozen. All the wisdom from our ancestors is here with us. We simply must wonder enough to look and melt it so that they can become a part of our heart. Their frozen moments can be the greatest source of inspiration so that we too can leave moments in a timeless space.

I am reading Piece by Piece, Tori’s book. I have read the first chapter and already I’m mesmerized by how much she knows. She knew it was her responsibility to know where she came from and share the blood that runs through her veins. She was born to be an interpreter. But there is one thing she insists upon. She wants her audience to find their own voice. This is something crucial and yet difficult to remember when you admire someone as astonishing as Tori. Many of her fans love her so much, they have forgotten to think their own thoughts or sing their own songs. I want my life to remain frozen one way or another. I do not know how far I’ll get but I know I want to do everything in my power to leave behind what I’ve learned and loved. The lessons learned in the time given to me.

That is why it is so important to stay true, to live life and be who you know you should be. The quotes are everywhere and something inside wakes up when they show up. Why? Because we are all unique and have a voice…at least the interpreters do. We have to use our voice not just because it makes us feel alive but because there are many other interpreters that will follow and will need to fall back on history. They will need to know they are not alone and that many other fighters have existed before them, the brave ones. Yes, the interpreters are the brave ones. They are brave because they put themselves under a light where critique is welcomed. They go against the odds and know it’s worth it. Their legacy will forever remain frozen. I believe Tori’s thoughts in her head are frozen through her sonic shapes. Her voice has inspired me to listen to my own. My mother is an interpreter of love. She knows how love works and finds the best way to give back; truly inspiring. Some are interpreters of love, others of music, and so on… I hope I get to express my voice through words and melody. I hope I can live out my legacy so that what remains frozen inspires others to defend our kind; the brave ones at heart. The spirit found in those that interpret is fragile but kind. Their heart is passionate and strong. Tori leaves her music and inspiration in time and in the hearts of those who listen to her. My mother leaves her love and lessons here and in endless generations. I hope I can leave everything I am. Yes, the interpreters are the brave ones. If you are one, be brave. It is not just the right thing to do but your responsibility to leave your memories frozen in time.


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