What is right?

You wake up and right then and there, the first decision presents itself for duty. What should I have for breakfast? Will I be good or bad today? Will I work out? Will I continue going to the job that I hate or start living a life I’m proud of? When will it be enough? Here’s the thing, we’ve reached this place where we are not connected to nature or life or anything anymore. We are on auto pilot and if it doesn’t stop, what’s at stake is our life. In my mind I picture the end and having God or life or the universe ask me…what did you do? Did you play it safe and follow the crowd or did you do what you were put on Earth to do?

That’s why a basic decision can make such a big difference. The sum of all the decisions we make is what we are. But here’s the best part, forgiveness. Right here and now we are forgiven for not living the life we know is true. Of course, first we must be sorry and then we must do something about it. But I do love how we can screw up and start all over again. I love that it is never too late because we are human. That’s another important fact we keep forgetting. But one thing I know for sure…you have to mean it. You have to snap out of it and begin life even if you’re afraid; even if you’ve been hurt. It could have been a parent that disappointed you or a spouse. I know how bad it can be…but that’s that. Other people’s wrongful actions should not affect your life. Do you realize how much power we give others by letting their dysfunction lead our lives?

If there is something you hate that you can change, you have nobody to blame but yourself. “I’m doing it for my loved ones”…many say. I get that, but why can’t you work at something you love for your loved ones? How you feel doing what you love is the greatest gift you could give those around you. Why would they want you stressed, tired and bored? It’s amazing but I know for sure now how I cannot do something I do not like and expect to be happy. There has to be something I like about it; it must look my values in the eye and smile knowing they’re on the same page. I could justify my decision, but I simply could not be happy. I don’t regret absolutely anything because of the lessons they so kindly taught. Because of the wrong decisions, I can finally see what’s right.

Today I want to have a healthy breakfast, I want to work out and be happy. Not because I feel like doing all of that, but because it is the right thing to do. When faced with a decision nowadays all I ask myself is: What is right? Then I take it from there. The results are starting to show and the inner peace it brings is invaluable. I encourage you to make the right decisions and live the right life for you, whatever that may be. Hardship might show up but you are brave. Doing what’s right is scary but doing what’s wrong and having to live with yourself is fatal.


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