The House

She is surrounded by waking flowers. Dreams wait excitedly to be caught by their owners. The orange light wakes my eyes with soft whispers. As morning arrives, I cannot believe I am here. The House is full of love and anticipation. It is a combination of the old and the new. A little garden accompanies her loveliness and says hello with loyalty. I happily drink orange juice and its nature reminds me why keeping it simple is worth all. The wind blows through the window and it brings the peace of knowing that this is right. It reminds me how absolutely everything that happened has a reason and it led me to here. Wonderful guests complement her warmth and she smiles and welcomes them back always.

The first time I saw the House, it was love at first sight. I saw the House and she knew who was meant to live there. Against all odds, I waited patiently so that I could live in this small, cozy, lovely House. Silence is her soothing friend and kindred spirits enjoy her company and shelter. The details she possesses are invaluable. The music and books  she holds inside her soul, have enough wisdom and beauty to withhold all the ugliness in existence. The House is ours. She welcomes our loved ones because she holds what we hold dear close to our hearts.

Life in the House is bliss. Not just because of what it is but how it feels. Being in the House is more like home. And a home and a house are two very different things. This house is so blissful, it makes me want to stay. It encourages me to learn new endeavors and simply be. The House is our own and I can say I am proud of where I am. I am still on my way and many things are floating without knowing where they will fall. But the House is a home and I cannot believe it’s mine. The House feels right and I can clearly see a miracle. A miracle because it’s light inside the darkness. A miracle because it came to me without that much effort. And a miracle because when I felt hopeless, the house arrived and it gave me hope again. There’s beauty everywhere, we simply have to see it and create it so that these moments, where I am now, can happen.

The House has a life of it’s own and just as kindred spirits recognize each other, we recognized her. We knew this would be something special. And just like any other friendship it’s unknown how it’ll play out. But the best part is discovering parts of it one never knew were there. The best part is growing and changing together and that is exactly what this House inspires to do. This House, unlike any other place or experience in this country, makes me want to stay. It makes me want to be nowhere else but here and believe me, that is saying a lot. It is the morning once more in the House, I kiss the flowers as they’re waking up, and it all reminds me how truly blessed I am.


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