I have nothing to write about and yet I’m writing and I realize it means everything. Nothing means peace. Nothing means no over-thinking. I realize that we human beings are very complicated. We have to have something to think about and find what’s missing…it’s unfair. I want to enjoy having nothing in my mind…except enjoying things as they are and that means I have everything. Of course things aren’t perfect…but I am perfecting myself. Of course there are things to do…but I realize that peace of mind is the greatest goal I’ve accomplished.

I’m grateful for my life…if it ended tomorrow…I would be happy because I lived; only one thing left…to love. The real kind of love and for it to be mutual. Yes it is always in my head, don’t know if it’s normal but I think it almost every day. I’m just happy that I’m whole being single so that when love arrives it will be a beautiful addition to my happiness as I will be to him.

I will enjoy nothing and everything; and when things get rough or lonely I’ll just know that with patience and confidence…it’ll pass and God made me strong and happy enough to overcome anything. I just know that I am me…and God has not made a single mistake in my life…so we’ll see what blessing come my way. I cannot wait to see what is next.


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