“It’s done. We’re done.” When you don’t choose life, life chooses for you. And if life is nice, it will be done sooner rather than later. Stay in tune with your instincts and you’ll know what is right. The longer you wait, the worse it’ll get. You see, there’s the living and the dying amongst us all. The living still know what is right; the dying know what is convenient. We are all born alive but then as we get older, we get to choose. Will I live life alive or dead? Put a dead soul with a living one and it’ll try to kill it. If you’re alive, everything will fall apart when it’s wrong; the fairies are with you and it’s their job to get you out of anything that is trying to kill your soul. Life is protected.

I was brave and I went through Hell. But as Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” I kept going indeed but the loveliness of life took me out right before my soul would be lost. I was saved from the demons. Now I have an opportunity to start anew. Now I am here, right where I’ve wanted to be for the longest time. Difficulties are a part of life but Hell shouldn’t last. I do think we have to go through Hell sometimes because of the lessons found down there in the darkness and the heat. But when it’s time, get out. And if you can’t, you needn’t worry; if you’re still amongst the living…life, the fairies, God, the universe will get you out.

I love opportunities to actually put into practice everything I believe in. This is an opportunity. Or as Dr. Tom from Being Erica would quote: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein. I am in the middle of it all and I love it. It’s easy to be brave when you’re playing it safe. It’s the greatest to be brave when you do not know what is going to happen. And if you don’t have the opportunity to be brave but feel deep inside you should be; make the change. I’ve been on both sides now. Playing it safe is risky business; you’re putting your life on the line and that’s reckless.

“It’s done. We’re done.” Beautiful words they are. They’re screaming loudly about an ending. But a soothing whisper softly tells you about what is about to begin…a life. Whenever you start over you’re getting a new life; what so many want and pray for every single day. Tori says it well “We’ll see how brave you are…” Show them how brave you are but most importantly show yourself how brave you are. All the writers, artists and dreamers that I call heroes have said it and done it before and now it’s my turn to follow and pay a tribute to my own soul. I survived Hell and I am better for it. So let’s all save a life, our own. Let’s follow our dreams and get up after falling as many times as we have to. And I hope for you what F. Scott Fitzgerald hopes which is “for you to live a life you’re proud of. And if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” I truly do hope you are strong enough because there’s too much to lose if you don’t preserve a life; your soul.


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