Born to be

I finally know. I can feel deep inside what I was born to be. Some know when they are kids; some find out when they’re adults. Then there are the tragic ones that never know. I have found myself being somewhat of a target. Yesterday I was someone else’s frustration. If you find yourself under unfair mistreat, remember it has nothing to do with you. It can get quite complicated. The frustration that accompanies not knowing what you were born to be is unbearable. Or worse, knowing what you were born to be and ignoring the screaming voice is pure torture. I have sadly met those who either don’t know or know but ignore what they were put on Earth for. They obviously do not know whether you know or not; but they do know their very own frustration; they have to live with it. Realizing this sad reality made me feel grateful.

My life is not perfect; it’s quite challenging at times. My life is not where I’d like it to be but I do know. I not only know now who I was born to be, I know the way to be. This is the definition of living. I’m far from perfection but I do not ignore the voice. I haven’t taken it so far that my soul has started to wither. Yes, we can find ourselves being victims of frustration and misery; but so long as we are not the bitter ones, we’re blessed. If someone you do not respect or admire mistreats you, it’s a compliment. If the miserable kind looks down on you, it should lift you up. Twisted, I know…but I believe this to be true. The way they treat you has nothing to do with you; it has everything to do with them. What is inside them is what they can give. You can try to help but sometimes they don’t even know what has happened. A life lived on autopilot; a life that passed them by without knowing the meaning of life.

Know what you were born to be and if you haven’t found it, keep looking. And if you are fortunate enough to know what your purpose is, fight for it, defend it and protect it until the day you die. And when the ignorant ones that do not know or the cowards who choose not to listen to the enunciating voice try to take their ugliness out on you; ignore it and feel sad for them. If only they knew how wonderful it is on this side. They can have anything they want; what they need will never show up unless they wake up and swim against the current towards discovering how to breathe the air, how to walk the path and find where life lives. Then they will not only join the living but know what they were born to be and that’s the point of it all. That’s the only reason life was given to us in the first place; to live it.


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